CS:GO Championship
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Final 3 Spots

5 teams have already earned their space at the finals, now it's time to select our final teams. 

We'll be hosting last-chance online qualifiers on Wednesday 26th September and Thursday 4th October from 7pm for teams who have taken part in the LAN qualifiers only. 

Each date will run in a single elimination BO1 one-night cup format with the winning team taking a qualifier spot. Due to the timing, we're keeping it as BO1 throughout, capped at 16 teams per cup, but if the 2 finalist teams want to make their final a BO3 it can be voted for on the night, but we're conscious of finish times for a week-night. 

Lineup Rules

  • The last-chance qualifiers are intended for people who have taken part in the LAN qualifiers, not just an open format. Therefore a minimum of 4 people in the team must have taken part in the LAN qualifiers either in the same team entering, or they can be from another team to form a new mix.
  • Players/teams who have already qualified for the finals may not take part in the online qualifiers. 
  • All players must be over 18 in line with the remainder of the tournament
  • All Steam IDs must be entered in to the tournament site. 
  • Teams can enter both online qualifiers separately
  • Maximum 16 spaces

Once the online qualifiers have concluded, all of the casters and admins from the tournament will cast their final wildcard vote for the 8th team to progress to the final, again, this team will be selected from one of the teams that have taken part in the LAN events. 

The grand finals will take place on Sunday 25th November at Grosvenor Casino Coventry.