CS:GO Championship
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Season 1 Finalists

All team lineups have now been received, so we can confirm the details of teams attending the Grosvenor CSGO Season 1 Finals on Sunday 25th November at Grosvenor Coventry

  • CeX (resu, nukeddog, LS, znx, jamesBT) - Newcastle Qualifier Winners
  • Stifmeister (Astroo, L1NK, dOMM, ec1s, Stan1ey) - Coventry Qualifier Winners
  • Endpoint (MiGHTYMAX, Puls3, Luzuh, Thomas, Ardiis) - Manchester Qualifier Winners
  • plus10elo (cthreestar, DaNsky, kpiz, neph, wh1sk) - Glasgow Qualifier Winners
  • 3era (m0g, eMy, crit, DaNi, mrhui) - Reading Qualifier Winners
  • Revelation_Gaming (Russ, PCAIL, Jsav, -Hawk, -Impact) - Online Qualifier 1 Winners
  • IGI Esports (Greenyy, square, shoobie, mark, downed) - Online Qualifier 2 Winners
  • Favela Gaming (25i, CORINTHIANS!, Roque, NTK, Akoriente) - Wildcard Picks

Spectator tickets for the finals are available from the epic.LAN website for £5 per person. 


  • Quarter Final  1 - 10am (2 matches concurrently, 1 streamed)
  • Quarter Final- 12:30 (2 matches concurrently, 1 streamed)
  • Semi Final 1 - 3pm (streamed)
  • Semi Final 2 - 5.30pm (streamed)
  • Grand Final - 8pm (streamed)

All games BO3, streamed games will be available on twitch.tv/epiclan.