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So what's next?

On Sunday we'll see the last of our LAN qualifiers in Reading, with a full 16 teams taking part as we find out who will take the 5th spot, and naturally we've been asked a lot about what's next! 

A total of 8 teams will go through to the finals, they're going to take place on Sunday 25th November, venue TBC soon. So the remaining 3 spots will be allocated as follows:

  • 2 Online Qualifiers - Only open to people who have attended a LAN qualifier as a second chance opportunity. 
  • 1 Wild Card - The admins/casters will select a team that has taken part in one of the previous qualifiers who has shown all around quality and sportsmanship to take the final spot. 

We've decided to lock down the online qualifiers to those who took part at a LAN to give people a second chance, particularly for those who got knocked out early on, and didn't feel it would be fair for 2 teams to take the spaces after everyone else has made the effort to attend one of the live events. 

Dates and details of the online qualifiers will be announced soon, but will likely take place in September.