CS:GO Championship
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Grosvenor S2 Finals

Join us at Grosvenor Coventry to find out which team will take the trophy at the Grosvenor Esports CSGO Season 2 Finals.

Venue: Grosvenor Coventry, Ricoh Arena, Phoenix Way, Coventry, CV6 6GE
Parking: Free
Date: Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May



  • Group A - 12:00
  • Group B - 16:00


  • Semi Final 1 - 10:00
  • Semi Final 2 - 13:00
  • Grand Final & 3rd Place Playoff - 17:00

Spectator Tickets: £5 per day BOOK NOW

Age Limit: Strictly Aged 18+

Casters: Jamie Martin (EternalJay) & Michael Cassidy (YouM3)

Stage Host: Derry Holt (Dezachu)

Twitch Stream: twitch.tv/epiclan


  • Fieece Esports (Astroo, Domm, Frei, ec1s, Stan1ey)
  • CeX (Murky, LS, resu, Nukeddog, mrhui)
  • London Esports (Kray, Adam9130, Mezii, Frazehh, L1NK)
  • Endpoint (MiGHTYMAX, Puls3, znx, Luzuh, Lainny)
  • Reflex (m0g, eMy, JayCMX, Kpiz, wh1sk)
  • Buzzkill Esports (-Hawk, Russ, Jsav, Hype, CrazD)
  • davidblack444 (Triux, Ping, Krusht, DaNi, Freestylazz)
  • London LYNX (Archer, DyylN, Velox, Dexie, Casa)