CS:GO Championship
In association with
Grosvenor Newcastle

14th July

Grosvenor Coventry

21st July

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29th July

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Q Bar Glasgow

11th August

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19th August

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Results So Far

Here are the teams that will be going on to the Grand Final later this year:

  1. Team CeX - Newcastle Qualifier Winners
  2. TBC - Coventry Qualifier Winners
  3. TBC - Manchester Qualifier Winners
  4. TBC - Glasgow Qualifier Winners
  5. TBC - Reading Qualifier Winners

The process for the final 3 spots will be announced shortly. 

Qualifier Updates

We've updated some of the tournament information based on questions received so far. We've also confirmed the Manchester (Didsbury) qualifier date as Sunday 29th July. 

Age Restrictions 

Due to the nature of the venue, this tournament is strictly limited to participants aged 18 and over. ID will be required on entry as Challenge 25 is in force at the venues.  

Team Creation & Signup

Once you have purchased your ticket, you need to create your team at grosvenor.epiclan.net for the qualifier you are entering. Teams must be created by 48 hours before the event starts to be considered for seeding. Any teams not complete by this deadline will not be seeded and will be placed into the bracket at random. 

Entering Multiple Qualifiers

Teams may enter as many qualifiers as they wish until they qualify for the finals. Once a team or individual has qualified, they may not enter again.

Qualifying Team Composition

The team that takes part in the finals (date TBC) must be comprised of a minimum of 3 team members who competed in the qualifier. Complete roster changes will not be permitted. Should a team not be able to attend the finals, the admin team will select a replacement from the pool of teams that entered the qualifiers based on performance.

What to Bring

This is a Turn Up & Play tournament, therefore PCs are provided for your use during the tournament. You need to bring your own peripherals for the tournament (keyboard, headset, mouse), these may be inspected by tournament operations staff before you commence your game. 

epic.LAN CS:GO Championship In Association with Grosvenor Casinos

epic.LAN is very excited to announce the launch of a brand-new community CS:GO tournament and this time, we’re bringing it to you! 

We’re partnering up with Grosvenor Casinos to take CS:GO esports out to venues across the country over the coming months with a total of £10k on the line. 

The one-day events will have PCs provided, so all you have to do is turn up (with your own peripherals). 

Qualifiers will be taking place at:

  • Grosvenor Newcastle – 14th July
  • Grosvenor Coventry – 21st July
  • Grosvenor – Manchester - 29th July
  • Mecca – Glasgow Quay – 11th August
  • Grosvenor – Reading(South) – 19th August

Winners will go on to the grand final at Grosvenor Coventry later this year to compete for the grand prize. 

Each qualifier winning team will receive £750 and runners up £250, with the grand final champions taking £3000, second place £1500 and third place £500. 

Qualifier tickets cost just £50 per team to enter and due to the nature of the venues, the tournament is restricted to ages 18 and over. 

Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director comments, “epic.LAN has always provided community level tournaments for esports and recognise that some of the barriers to taking part in esports for new teams are the costs of entry and transport. That’s why we’re really looking forward to delivering this new tournament series with the team from Grosvenor Casinos so we can bring esports straight to the community and give more people opportunities to get involved”. 

Callum Scott, Events & Entertainment Project Manager at Rank Group added, “We are very excited about working with epic.LAN. Having played for 10 years I know how hard it can be to get some much-needed LAN experience. We wanted to work with epic.LAN to bring tournaments outside of London, bringing it to the players and helping grow to our UK talent. It’s all about building a starting point for our future world-class teams!”