CS:GO Championship
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We will add the answers to any frequently asked questions about the CS:GO tournament here.

1. What is the team size?

5 players must be present at the Casino to play. These players should be registered to the tournament website ahead of LAN.

2. I don't have a team or require an additional member

If you post in our forums here or join us in discord.gg/epicLAN you may be able to find a team with spare slots. Alternatively you can sign up as a Mercenary on the tournament system and players can find you to talk with you.

You should also check on the subreddit, r/csgouk and see if any players are looking on relevant threads there. Also be a member of the relevant UK CS:GO Facebook groups and advertise there.

3. What time will the tournament start?

10am or 11am depending on where the tournament is held (please check the overview page for all the relevant information)

4. Do we have to sign up to the tournament?

Yes. We'll open tournament signups online before the event and set a deadline at the event for all teams to be fully signed up to be eligible for seedings.

5. Is parking at the Casino free for players?

Yes, please make sure you inform reception at the time of your arrival of your car registration number (if they require).

6. Can we have subsitutions?

Yes, you may have upto 2 additional players to your roster, but they must be a paid participant for the event. Please remember that this season, we will not allow players who have already qualified with a team to enter any other Grosvenor tournaments. If you have unused subsitutions then you should let a member of the admin team know of this fact so that we do not penalise said player.

If you have any questions not answered here, then please get in contact with the epic.LAN Admin Team ahead of the LAN events.